2019 Blogging Goals

To me, goal setting is hugely motivational, especially when I know they are achievable only with effort. I’m setting these goals to achieve by the end of 2019 and I really believe I can do it!

Many times I have started blogging with an all-or-nothing approach: I either make a living off blogging alone or I don’t blog at all. I knew this was completely unrealistic but I was desperate to succeed.

Now, I’m happy to blog at my own pace, relying not on amount of likes to satisfy me but positive feedback from lovely readers and pride in my own creation. This is so much healthier for me mentally but also much more enjoyable because I’m not setting unrealistic goals!

In 2019 I’m setting achievable goals that I can really be proud of when I get there. With that said, these are my blogging goals!

  • 2000 Site Views

I would love to get my blog out there! Even if I only have a small but dedicated following it would be a massive achievement for me. I think 2000 views is achievable so I’m starting with my goal there, although if I really pushed myself I think I could achieve more!

As of this post I just totalled 100 site views which I’m really proud of myself for!

  • Post Once A Week (at least!)

I want to really dedicate myself to the blogging scene, but with exams coming up and lots of exciting things happening (more on that soon!) I am setting a realistic goal of once a week. I think this is often enough to engage my audience but gives me enough breathing space to enjoy my work and succeed with my exams!

  • 300 Total Likes

This goal is a little scary for me! However if I stick to my goals and post once a week I think this could be done.

  • Go Self Hosted

A long term goal but – I would love to go self hosted one day! I’m not quite ready to yet but I know that soon this is something I definitely want to do. The private domain and greater customisation options would make my site even more personal and that’s something I’m really excited to implement!

  • Collab With Someone

I would be over the moon if somebody enjoyed my content enough to want to collab with me! So during this year I plan to collab with someone at least once and build friendships with similar bloggers to me!

(If you’d like to collab with me, contact me on my twitter!: @thelaurenmai)

In a years time I’ll come back to the list and see how well I’ve achieved these goals. I hope you’ll stick along the journey with me til then!

Lots of love,

Lauren ♡



  1. Love this! I think it’s so good to have goals as it means you are working towards something and are passionate about what you are doing. Like you I also wish to go self hosted but I’m waiting until I have everything in order on my blog before I do anything. Sounds like you’ve started off really well, I’m sure you’ll reach all your goals in no time! Chloe x

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  2. My blog goals for this year are really similar to yours! I’m on a self hosted site already, so I’m focusing on getting more views and really engaging with the blogging community this year!
    I think once a week is a great beginning goal for posting frequency. That’s where I’m at at the moment. I have so many other projects going on right now that even that is a stretch, but I really want to push myself to be more consistent.
    Good luck!! I think 2019 is going to be great! 🙂

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  3. Your writing is really nice, easy to understand and follow. Just a tip, try to have a backup post ready in case you end up behind one week! Gives you some time to get things back on track 😊


  4. I can rely to this so much. I started blogging last year in August and was a bit overwhelmed with how much blogging involves and what to do, but I sat down and made a list with what I want to get better at and what I want to achieve. Good luck.

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