January 2019 Favourites

January is admittedly not one of my favourite months – it’s cold, it’s wet and my card is barely not getting declined. I’m a little disappointed that the only snow we got was just a dusting but I’m hoping for more! (If it’s going to be cold, it may as well commit to it).

On the other hand I strongly believe there is always something to be grateful for in every situation. That said, these are my January favourites!

  • Bayliss & Harding Sweet Mandarin and Grapefruit Festive Feet Gift Set

This was a little Christmas present from my mum and quite frankly has been one of the most used. I am a sucker for fluffy socks (a girl can never have too many fluffy socks) and the foot lotion smells really good. To top it off, the gift set was less than £10 so I can wholeheartedly recommend you go and invest in a similar set – if not for the foot lotion, then for the socks!

  • ‘The Subtle Knife’ by Philip Pullman

I haven’t long since read The Northern Lights and I’m currently working my way through the second installment in this series. I haven’t finished it yet so please no spoilers! Regardless this has been a pleasure to read in my spare moments this month and have much admiration for the creativeness of the author. The covers are very pretty too. I can’t wait to write a full review on this book!

  • H&M Spiral Hair Bands

Super cheap, super handy and super durable! I always keep one of these hair bands on my wrist, if not for the instance that I might need a hair band then for the fact that they’re stretchy so good as a fidget toy for anxiety (I find stretching/fidgeting good in diffusing stress). They ping back to their original shape after use so don’t have the same issues over overstretching like normal hair bands do. At only £2 a pack I think they are well worth the money!

  • Soap & Glory Clean On Me Shower Gel

This is a timeless favourite for me but something I recently restocked up on and have grown to appreciate even more! The smell is gorgeous, foams up really well and really leaves you feeling clean. I got this in a big box set for Christmas that came with matching hand and body lotions, body scrub and bath bombs which is REALLY lovely and I’d recommend them all!

  • ‘Sex Education’ on Netflix

When I heard a new series staring Asa Butterfield was being released, I could barely contain my excitement. So when 11th January rolled around, naturally I watched all 8 episodes in one sitting.

It’s funny, it’s raunchy, it’s a little bit naughty and sometimes it’s downright emotional. The characters are lovable and, despite there only being 8 episodes, there’s a real progression in the characters that is sure to make you smile.

Admittedly, there are bits that will make you cringe and things you wish you didn’t have to see, but it’s funny all the same. Also, this isn’t one to watch with your parents because there is A LOT of butt (I mean it).

I don’t think I can sell this show quite as well as it deserves, because it is genius and heartfelt and side splittingly funny, so please go watch it and find out for yourself – I can’t recommend it enough!

What have you loved this January? If you try any of my recommendations, tell me what you though of them – I’d love to hear it!

Lots of love,

Lauren ♡



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